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Global Education |Digital Youth Work Project| Apply Now!

Global Education |Digital Youth Work Project| Apply Now!

Global Education Digital Youth Work Project is Starting. 

14-15th November 2020
28-29th November 2020
4 days, 4 trainings!

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Application Deadline: 30th October 2020

You can access learning and implementation opportunities in this one-month project where you can attend online trainings and conferences on global citizenship, gender, intercultural learning and sustainability. You don't need to pay a fee or go anywhere to get training from expert instructors, to access the opportunity to practice, to showcase your skills or to gain new talents. What you can do to join the project is at your fingertips.

Trainings will be carried out over Zoom, using experiential learning-based applications and interactive methods. On a separate day before each training, conferences will be held on the Zoom, where an expert will be present as a speaker in order to prepare the participants for the training.

OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT: To ensure that young people from Germany and Turkey are responsible and active global citizens in a transformational learning environment.

LANGUAGE OF THE PROJECT: All activities of the project will be conducted in English.

Age Limit: 18-26

Length: 4 days.


1) Gender

2) Intercultural Learning

3) Global Citizenship

4) Sustainability

*Participants will be required to attend all trainings and conferences in order to receive certificates.


www.solijugend.de (Deutsch)

www.gsm.org.tr (Türkçe)

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/global_edu2020
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/global_edu2020/

Further Questions: globaleducation@solijugend.de

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